My German, French and Russian roots are an invitation to travel, along a road that leads towards transformation and illusion. Its starting point is the material I repurpose, giving it new life through the alchemy of art. The works emerging from this process evoke icons or stained-glass windows, imbued with their own light and energy. I practice upcycling, transforming base materials into art. 

Danielle Vochims - Atelier du lac

Contact / Impressum 

Danielle Vochims
Von-Kühlmann-Str. 5
D - 82327 Tutzing
[email protected]
Tel. +49 170 620 64 47

In der Zeit Februar 2021 bis 2023 befand sich mein Atelier in der denkmalgeschützten Kustermann Villa in Tutzing.
De février 2021 à 2023, mon atelier se trouvait dans la Villa Kustermann, Tutzing.